How Does SOTM Work?

Shirt of the month is simple! You sign up, we send you a new shirt every month!

Check out our FAQ below to get the quickest information & please don't hesitate to email us at for any other questions or clarity.

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How do I sign up for Shirt of the Month?

It's easy! Click here for Oklahoma Shirt of the Month & click here for OSU Shirt of the Month. Fill out the online form and hit submit.

If you sign up after the 20th but before the 1st, you'll still receive the upcoming shirt; however, it may be delayed a bit since it will not be included in the initial shipment. If you signed up in this timeframe but haven't received your shirt within the first two weeks of the following month, send an email with your subscriber information to

How does Shirt of the Month work?

After signing up, you will be charged $15.04 & shipped our “Doin’ Fine” welcome shirt for OK SOTM and our "Oklahoma State" intro shirt for OSU SOTM, which all new subscribers receive. We also send a welcome email to confirm your subscription. After that, you'll be charged on the first of each month & receive a new shirt the first week of every month. No contract, no worries; just a new unique Oklahoma or OSU shirt every month!

You will also receive a preview newsletter via email around the 15th of each month, which will contain shirt images and garment details. The newsletter contains helpful links for you to make updates to your account, as well as important info on shipping timelines and a reminder about the cutoff for account changes which is always the 20th of the month.

Can I purchase a shirt of the month without a subscription?

YES! We have a limited inventory of past designs which you can browse here!

Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Absolutely! Just follow the same instructions for sign up but fill in their information for the shipping destination.

Can I Add a Shirt for a Single Month?

We love to hear it! Just click here for OK SOTM and here for OSU SOTM. Send us an email detailing how many shirts and what shirt sizes!

Please note that all submissions and account changes must be made before the 20th of the current month to take effect in time.

Can I skip a shirt for a single month?

Absolutely! We completely understand some months just aren't in the cards. You can skip a month by emailing us here for OK SOTM or here for OSU SOTM. Your regular subscription remains in tact and ready to go for the next month.

Please note that all submissions and account changes must be made before the 20th of the current month to take effect in time.

How will I be billed?

Upon enrollment your credit or debit card will immediately be charged $15.04 ($12 for the shirt, +$3.04 shipping), for your welcome shirt.

Then, on the 1st of every month thereafter, you will be charged $15.04 for that month’s new tee.

When will my order ship?

Our standard shipping rate is USPS First Class mail. Transit times are roughly 3-5 days although it is usually a little faster for in state orders. We process and ship orders in the order that we receive them between 8AM-5PM CST Monday-Friday. Please allow 1-3 days for processing of order to be completed. Shirt of the Month shipments will generally arrive within the first few business days of the new month.

How do I update my subscription information?

From size changes to payment updates the SOTM Customer Portal helps you manage your info quickly and easily!

REMEMBER: All account changes must be submitted by the 20th of the month to apply to the upcoming shipment, e.g. submitted by 12/20 to apply to the January shirt shipment.

You must use the email address that you signed up with to create your account.

Click here to create your account.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscriptions by clicking here for OK SOTM or here for OSU SOTM and sending the email.

There is no contract or cancellation penalty; however, your request must be made by the 20th of the month to apply to the upcoming shipment. This allows us to catch your shirt before it enters the shipment process.

*If you wish to cancel after the 20th, one of two things can still happen: 1. You can accept the coming months shirt as normal and then we can cancel your account OR 2. You can send the shirt back and we credit your account and close it then.

Returns & Exchange policy

Please mail your unwashed, unworn shirt to us at the following address:

C/O Returns
Oklahoma Shirt Company
26 NE 10th St.
OKC, OK 73104

Be sure to include a note that has your name, the size you wish to exchange for, and your shipping address. As long as we have that size available, we will happily send you a new shirt at no additional cost to you.

To find out if we have the size you need in stock, please email