With custom screen printing, embroidery, and an Oklahoma themed Shirt of the Month subscription service, Oklahoma Shirt Company is changing the way you wear a t-shirt.

Need Directions?


Born out of state pride, desire for fresh designs, and necessity of affordability, Oklahoma Shirt Company provides a full custom print shop along with a Shirt of the Month subscription program for customers across the state and nation.

For those that love touting their love of Oklahoma, Shirt of the Month features a new design each month, each with an Oklahoma flair, printed on a ring-spun cotton t-shirt and delivered to subscriber’s mailboxes for just a little more than $10 each month.

Oklahoma Shirt Company is a local company with a small staff of hard-working Oklahomans. The Shirt of the Month subscription experience offers an alternative to the typical box service because it is unique to Oklahoma and the $10 price is affordable from month to month. The custom side of the business helps customers take their brand to the next level through creative use of design and print medium.