4 Steps to Getting Custom Shirt Orders Quick

If you’re anything like me, life can get busy and planning ahead is basically thrown out the window. We understand that sometimes you need shirts and you need them NOW because your event is coming up, your deadline is right around the corner, or that birthday is a lot sooner than you thought it was! We want to make the custom ordering process as seamless and as quick as possible for you so we can get you your shirts, design, and print them just the way you had envisioned. In order to get the ball rolling quickly, it’s always helpful for our customers to provide us with as much information as possible from the get go in order to save you time and get you your shirts even faster! So what information is key? Below a simple breakdown of all the information we may need and steps that we will need you to take throughout the process, why not just knock it all out from the get go?

Quantity and sizes. Did you know the more shirts you order the cheaper the cost per shirt will actually be? Our screen printing minimum is 25 shirts, but there are always other options as well if you need fewer shirts than that. If you know your quantity AND the sizes you need from the very beginning that takes out a whole step of the process that happens later on down the road. If you don’t know the size breakdown you need, let us help! We’ve got a lot of experience when it comes to shirts and sizing so if this is something brand new to you we’d love to help you figure out any and all questions you may have and choose the right sizing breakdown for your specific needs!

Shirt. What type of shirt are you looking for? Is there a specific brand you like? A specific material or blend? Choosing the perfect shirt is a huge part of the process. We are always open to making suggestions to what we think is a great brand for your price point, material preference, or specific needs, but if there’s something specific you have in mind, that will speed up the process tremendously and take out any questions or blanks that need to be filled in our end of things! Same goes with color. If you already know the color shirt you are picturing let us know ahead of time and we will make sure the specific brand you want is available in that color for you!

Artwork and Design. Do you already have artwork for your shirt? Do you need us to design something for you? Here at Oklahoma Shirt Company we have two incredible full time graphic artists that are devoted to creating the perfect designs for our customers or just helping customers bring their ideas to life! If you have a print ready art file in vector format, that will speed up the custom order process tremendously. If not, that’s okay! We love designing artwork, you will just need to allow us at least 48 hours to get the perfect design cranked out for you and make any changes you might see fit!

Date Needed. If you have a tight deadline, it’s best to let us know right away so we can make sure our entire team is aware and gets you your shirts in time! Deadlines can affect the art process as well as the printing process so it’s always best to let us know from the get go if you have an event where you will need your shirts!

We want your experience with us to be a seamless, fun, and quick process! We love our customers and we want to make sure we meet any and all deadlines and create a product that we’re proud of and that our customer is excited about! Communication is key in the custom screen printing process so as long as you provide us with as much information as you see fit and let us know if you ever have any questions, we will make sure to create the perfect shirts just for you!
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