How to Save on Bulk T-Shirt Orders

Here at Oklahoma Shirt Company we pride ourselves on being able to facilitate large orders within a quick turnaround time. Not only is this something that generates business for us, but it also helps the consumer save money. Some of the ways that you can cut costs on bulk t-shirt orders is by keeping colors and locations low, ordering a larger quantity, using our house brand t-shirt, and having print ready art.

Our screen fees are $20/screen. That means that with every color you add to your design the more money it will cost you in the end. There are sometimes ways to achieve the given look of a design with only 1-2 colors through halftones and blending. So be sure to ask us about those options if you’re wanting to make your order more cost efficient. Also, if you want a front, back, pocket, side print, etc. that will also end up costing you more as more screens will need to be coated and burned.

Since we have a minimum order size (25 t-shirts) you can create a more budget friendly invoice by ordering in bulk. The more shirts you order the more you save. As the quantity goes up the price per garment goes down.

You can also save some cash by using our house brand t-shirt. It’s made by District and is the Young Men’s Very Important Tee (DT6000).

It’s a super soft and durable t-shirt that comes in 100% cotton (solid color) and 50% cotton 50% polyester (heathered). It’s also available in a variety of colors! This is the garment we print our Shirt of the Month designs on. Most importantly, our customers love it and have had nothing but positive feedback on this garment.

The last way you can save money by bulk ordering t-shirts is to have a print ready design file (.ai/.eps) as our art fees are $30/hr. This also speeds up the production process because our graphic designers won’t have to spend time recreating an existing design or making you something from scratch.

See the list below for occasions that ordering in bulk will save you money!

T-shirts for your business
T-shirts for church events
T-shirts for family reunions
T-shirts for sporting events
T-shirts for your school
T-shirts for your band
T-shirts for fundraising
T-shirts for your brand

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